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Whitehaven Academy was built in the early 1980’s and has only received minor work the building over the years. Leesfield was contracted to remove and replace all existing windows and frames and replace them with brand new thermal efficient windows. Making the school kinder to the environment and ensure that the building we’re retaining the heat they were producing.

To ensure that the windows could be replaced efficiently and safely, Leesfield worked with Whitehaven Academy to develop a phased plan to suit the Academy’s needs. The new windows and frames were a necessary requirement to develop the exterior of the Academy and ensure all pupils safety.

Energy efficient glazing ensure that the Academy is warmer and quieter as well as reducing energy bills. The new windows create a lighter, bright and friendly atmosphere.

Leesfield are still completing the entire project through an agreed on going contract to ensure minimum disruption to the running of Whitehaven Academy.

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